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Statement of Faith

1. We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God. This is our authoritative source of Christian doctrine and precept and is written voice of God.

2. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

3. We believe that God created man on His image and His likeness, but as a result of sin, man became lost and powerless to save himself.

4. We believe that the only hope for man is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the virgin born Son of God, who died on the Cross to take upon the punishment for the sins of mankind, and rose from the dead the third day, so that by receiving Him as personal Savior and Lord, man is redeemed by Christ's blood which He shed on the Cross for the redemption of mankind.

5. We believe in the full immersion of Water Baptism according to John 3:22-23 and Baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4 with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

6. We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in those who receive Christ as their personal Savior, enabling them to live righteous and holy lives and to serve God.

7. We believe in the Jesus Christ's second coming on earth in His power and majesty to judge this world and to take His disciples in to heaven to live for ever in eternity.

8. We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ and is composed of all who through faith in Him have been spiritually regenerated by the indwelling Holy Spirit.



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