Shanti Solomon Memorabilia

(A Unit of Voice of Christians Ministries India)

Late (Dr) Shanti Rajeshwari Solomon with  nephew Rev Isaac Newton Johnson
(Photo: December 1992 at Delhi, India)

(Founder of Fellowship of the Least Coin)


The International Fellowship of the Least Coin  is a world-wide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation founded by Late (Dr) Shanti Rajeshwari Solomon of  India  in 1956.   Through this movement International Christian women around the world seek fellowship with each other and are reminded to live a reconciled, forgiving and dignified life within different cultures and societies.

The International Fellowship of the Least Coin is presently working in more than 100 countries supporting women projects annually for the empowerment of women enabling them to play vital role in decision making bodies in their own communities and countries.

But in Shanti’s own country India still women are kidnapped, stripped and raped in broad day light and murdered.  In certain societies yet young women are not allowed to get marry of their own choice and their voices are being silenced (murdered) by their own parents or  relatives in the name of honour killings.  Despite stringent laws against female foeticide millions of girls are being murdered in their mother’s womb annually in India.

During her  forty two years of  committed  international church ministry,  Shanti worked unceasingly  for the upliftment   and  empowerment  of the women in India  and abroad  as an  ordinary Indian Church women leader.  She fought for the fundamental rights and dignity of women and brought peace, social justice and reconciliation in the every continent of earth. She has millions of  her admirers at present  around the globe,  who have directly or indirectly been touched by her simple but  honest approach to life.

Shanti was born on 10th June 1920 in a Christian family at Baduan, in Uttar Pardesh, India and left for her heavenly abode on 15th October, 1998 in Delhi.  Her father Late Chaudhary Nanhe Mall Singh who was by this time working as Naib Tehsildar (Executive Magistrate) an rare honourable post reserved for an Indian in the then British ruled India. He was murdered by his cousin brothers in July 1920 when Shanti was just six weeks old due to his Christian faith. Her parents were converted by Anglican missionaries in India. The story further goes on..............

Behind her Shanti left a big legacy of the International Fellowship of the Least Coin’s old  films, posters, medals and other  material of great significance which she  earned  during her forty two years of dedicated International Church ministry. Her invaluable credentials, writings, diaries, her photos from around the globe where she walked and worked   among different downtrodden people groups and cultures. Her awards and degrees she had been  honoured with from honourable national and international organizations  during her life time for her commendable work done for social justice and peace are momentous and of great  significance AND now are being treasured at “Shanti Solomon Memorabilia” (A Unit of Voice of Christians Ministries India) in India.

We at Voice of Christians Ministries India working out on a PROJECT for “Shanti Solomon Memorabilia” to digitized and preserve in digital format Shanti Solomon’s most invaluable credentials, handwritten letters, diaries, memoirs, her degrees AND her most incredible International Church ministry photographs and the Least Coins of the different countries, Shanti Solomen visited and collected during her forty two years of (1956-1998) Church ministry around the globe. These are at present confined in her DIARIES, LETTERS and FILES at “Shanti Solomon Memorabilia” in India.

We challenge and invite the friends and well wishers of “The Fellowship of the Least Coin” and “Shanti Solomon Memorabilia” around the world to come forward and help us through their ideas, thoughts and material they have to make this PROJECT as big success. Kindly pray for our financial support as well.

We shall be highly indebted for your contribution.

Rev Isaac Newton Johnson

Founder President
Shanti Solomon Memorabilia
(A Unit of Voice of Christians Ministries India)
2240/1, Isa Nagari, Brown Road
Ludhiana-141008 (Punjab) India




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