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Monday, February 21, 2005


By Jeremy Reynalds
Special Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

LUDHIANA, INDIA (ANS) -- While the decision by Britain’s Prince Charles to marry his long time lover Camilla Parker Bowles is creating controversy in the Anglican Church, one evangelical ministry head in India said he thinks the upcoming wedding is a good time to bring up some other very important issues facing members of the Church of England’s General Synod–the organization’s highest decision making body.

In an e-mail, Rev. Isaac Newton Johnson, (a self-described Indian evangelical charismatic Anglican) and founder and president of the Voice of Christians Evangelical Church in Ludhiana, India said Synod members should also think about what he considers to be the decline of Christianity in the United Kingdom.

Johnson said in an e-mail that Synod members can play a part in helping turn things around in England “through fasting, prayers and provocative preaching ... In this way they can bring revival (to) ... the Church and State.”

Johnson said that 100 years ago the United Kingdom was known as an exporter of coal, cricket and Christianity around the world. But that’s not the case any more, he said. New Age propaganda and eastern mysticism have eroded England’s Judeo-Christian heritage to the point where public opinion in the country is no longer predominantly Christian.

“Religious pluralization has sapped the confidence of many Christians to testify boldly and ... believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father,” Johnson added.

According to Johnson, “The blanket of materialism and the television culture have deadened the sensitivity of Christians and non-Christians alike.”

Johnson also denounced the British Broadcasting Corporation’s recent showing of the controversial Jerry Springer the Opera (www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/tx/jerryspringer.shtml).

He said that the program, “ showing God the Father, Jesus Christ, Mary, Adam and Eve and Satan as warring guests on a special edition of the show - staged in hell was a big game plan of Satan to equate himself with Jesus in hell and to pollute the minds of viewers to sin abundantly. This was denounced by every sensible evangelical Christian.”

Johnson said he has a challenge for the members of the Church of England’s General Synod.

“To ponder upon (these) vital issues urgently through fasting and prayers, so ... the Lord (may) restore the lost glory of evangelical Christianity in England. Otherwise there (may) be no Anglican (or) protestant church on the earth by 2030 (according to) the latest world statistics,” he said.

For additional information about Johnson and his ministry go to www.voiceofchristiansministries.org/archive.html 

Jeremy Reynalds is a freelance writer and the founder and director of Joy Junction, New Mexico's largest emergency homeless shelter, http://www.joyjunction.org or http://www.christianity.com/joyjunction. He has a master's degree in communication from the University of New Mexico and is a candidate for the Ph.D. in intercultural education at Biola University in Los Angeles. He is married with five children and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information contact: Jeremy Reynalds at jgreynalds@aol.com. Tel: (505) 877-6967 or (505) 400-7145. Note: A black and white JPEG picture of Jeremy Reynalds is available on request from Dan Wooding at assistcomm@cs.com.

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Rev Isaac Newton Johnson is an Indian Evangelist since 1976 working with non-Christian brothers in North India. He is international media missionary and Christian speaker. He has been invited by SungKwang Presbyterian Church, Guri, Seoul, South Korea in June-July, 2004 as Guest Speaker from India. He preached in Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Korean brothers there. Five brothers and one sister of Indian origin accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and baptized during his ministry in South Korea. He has founded “Voice of Christians Evangelical Church” at Ludhiana, India in 1999 (A House Church) working among poorest of poor people, imparting education to them and sharing the good news of Lord Jesus Christ. (Pictured: Rev Isaac Newton Johnson being honored in SungKwang Presbyterian Church, Guri, Seoul, South Korea in June 2004). He needs committed prayer partners and Church ministry supporters around the world to proclaim the Gospel in India and to the end of the earth.

Rev Isaac preaches in English, Hindi, Panjabi and Urdu languages simultaneously without interpreter.

He can be contacted at: isaacnewtonjohnson@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.voiceofchristiansministries.org 

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