"In all the ages of the world, Priests have been enemies of
Love & Liberty”

By Rev Isaac Newton Johnson    B.D
Founder President – Voice of Christians Evangelical Church

Ludhiana, India,   February 16, 2005 --   The  news headlines “Church asks Prince Charles to choose between love and throne” published in the Indian newspapers  on February 14, 2005  has stunned  the people  in love  celebrating St. Valentine’s Day  the world over.

We at  Voice of  Christians Evangelical Church, Ludhiana, India  are overwhelmed with joy  and strongly  appreciate and support  the long pending decision of  Prince  Charles, heir to the British throne  to marry his most  faithful and trusted lover Camila Parker Bowles   this year, ending years of speculation when their three decade-old romance would be solemnized in nuptials on April 8, 2005.  

The Holy Bible  says, ”House and riches are the inheritance of fathers; and a prudent wife is from the Lord.” (Proverbs 19:14), “Who so findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22) and the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” (Genesis 2:18).    
In all the ages of the world, Priests have been enemies of Love and Liberty.  Before I  take this  opportunity  to explore from the Holy Bible the  meaning and importance of the MARRIAGE  in a Christian’s life, I  would like  to urge upon    more than a quarter of the General Synod’s members (the highest decision-making body of  the Church of England --  who are thought to be uneasy on this auspicious announcement)  to honour and respect the  decision of Prince Charles,  to marry his beloved Camila Parkers Bowles this year. 
Rather I would like to take this occasion to draw the kind attention  of the honorable General Synod members of  Church of England towards the very vital   issues regarding  Christianity in the England for their immediate  debate and take instant action:-
  1. The Christianity is being declined in United Kingdom  for the last so many decades on which  they  should  debate  prayerfully and plan instantly how to combat spiritual blindness from  U.K.  They can reverse the prevailing adverse condition  of Christianity in England through fast, prayers and provocative    preaching.   The present research in the West   said that do not preach a balanced sermon but provocative sermon to bring the  people to Christ.   In this way they can bring revival in Christian masses  being in power  and position  in  the Church and State.  They can visit my Church website’s Archive  for their spiritual ignition  by going through  my  various write ups under the title “Spiritual Food – Window on the World.” These write ups  I am writing   since 2000 for the revival of Christianity in the West.   AS this is my confirmed conviction that until and unless the Christianity is not re-revived in the West, the persecution on Christians in the other parts of world will never  be stopped.   This is the reason,  I have researched on the decline of the Christianity in the West and completed my two years of Bachelor of Divinity in April, 2002 from International Theological Open University, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India and ready to accept any challenge to re-revive Christianity in the West  as an evangelical charismatic  preacher  and pastor.  I am very comfortable with every evangelical Church denomination.
  1. One hundred years back United Kingdom was used to export coal, cricket and Christianity around the world.  But  today to be called Christian in England  is embracing.  Strident propaganda of New Age and eastern mystical cults has eroded the Judeo-Christian heritage to the point that public opinion is no longer Christian. Religious pluralization has sapped the confidence of many Christians to testify boldly and even believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father.
  1. The blanket of materialism and the television culture have deadened the sensitivity of Christians and non-Christians alike.  The release of TV programme Jerry Springer the Opera on Saturday January 8, 2005 on BBC2 showing God the Father, Jesus Christ, Mary, Adam and Eve and Satan as warring guests on a special edition of the show –staged in hell was a big game plan of Satan to equate himself with Jesus in hell and to pollute the minds of viewers to sin abundantly. This was denounced by every sensible evangelical Christian including we at Voice of Christians Evangelical Church, Ludhiana – India. We are grateful to the Assist New Service, California U.S.A and who released our protest on their websites. We in India appreciate the role of Christian People Alliance political leader Alan Craig in England who led the sensitive evangelical Christians to the BBC building to lodge their protest with BBC office under democratic means against this vulgar show. He has came out as the leader of the Christian masses in England. We pledge to support Mr. Alan Craig by urging our every North Indian Christian settled in England to give their invaluable votes in favour of Christian People Alliance candidates in the forthcoming elections to defeat Satan not only through The Holy Bible but through the Ballot too.

    As an Indian evangelical Charismatic (Anglican) preacher, I challenge the General Synod’s members of the Church of England to ponder upon above vital issues urgently through fast and prayers, so may the Lord restore the lost glory of Evangelical Christianity in England. Otherwise there (may) be not an Anglican (or) Protestant Church on the earth by 2030 as what the latest world statistics say.


    The marriage is a divine institution created by God to fulfill His purpose to regenerate human race on the earth.  The big mistake  the Western Christians  have  committed in the twentieth century is that they did not  regenerate their families, when the Prophet Adam was charged by God to: (1) populate the Earth, subdue the earth , exercise dominion over the animal creation (Genesis 1:28) (2) care for the garden of Eden and enjoy its fruit (Genesis 1:29; 2:15);  and (3) refrain from eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, under penalty of death (Genesis 2:16, 17). The Edenic Covenant was terminated by man’s disobedience, when Prophet Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, resulting in their  spiritual and physical deaths (Genesis 3:14-21).


    The book of Genesis 2:18-25 fills in the details of the simple statement in Genesis 1:27: “Male and female He created them.” This account particularly amplifies the “and female” part of the statement and shows how woman was created.  Three observations can be made on the passage that will help us to understand how the family began:

    a)     The need for woman (v v. 18-20). Woman is absolutely essential in God’s plan.  This was God who observed, “it is not good that man should be alone”(v.18), and determined to make a “helper” for Prophet Adam.  Woman’s role in the will of God was to be a “helper” who was suitable to man in every particular mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical need.  God undertook an orientation program to show man the need that He alone had observed.  He brought to man the birds and beasts He had created, so that man should exercise his dominion over them (v. 18) and name them (v.19).  However, in verse 20 it is noted that for Adam there was no “helper” similar to himself.

    b)     The provision of woman for man (vv. 21-24). God caused Prophet Adam to go to sleep, and God removed one of his “ribs.”  Exactly what God removed is not known, but it was adequate for His purpose.  He “made” a woman (v 22) whom Prophet Adam recognized as being his equal, “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” This resulted in what has become known as the universal law of marriage (v 24), in which it can be seen that: (1) the responsibility for marriage is on the man’s shoulders—he is to “leave his father and mother”; (2) the responsibility for keeping the union together is on the man’s shoulders—he is to “be joined to” his wife; and (3) the union is indissoluble —“they shall become one flesh.”

    c)     The state of the first man and woman (v. 25) reveals that  in the beginning the man and woman were “naked” in each other’s presence and  “were not ashamed.”  There is no shame in nudity when it occurs within the right context – marital union.  This passage clearly teaches that (1) sex was God’s idea and is not sinful; (2) sex came before the Fall, and if the Fall had never taken place there still would be sexual relations between a man and his wife; and (3) propagation of the species is one, but not the exclusive, purpose for sex.  The Holy Bible gives two other reasons for sex: (1) to promote love between the husband and wife (Heb 13:4) and (2) to prevent fornication —the unlawful satisfaction of the God-given sexual desire (1 Cor. 7:2)

    The Holy Bible clearly says that  we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of the God and we have no right to judge others.  But we praise God that He demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, His son our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ died for us on the Cross.  (Roman 5: 8) Hallelujah! 

    In the prevailing circumstances,   by all the means Prince Charles and his fiancée  Camila Parker Bowles should be blessed by one and all on the auspicious occasion of their marriage due for April 8, 2005.    I will  pray at the altar St. Luke’s Church (A 148 years old British Military Church)  at  Jalandhar Cantonment for their long happy married life,  peace and prosperity of the  Royal family and re-revival of  Christianity in the England. 


    (Pictured: Rev Isaac Newton Johnson praying at the altar St. Luke’s Church, Jalandhar Cantonment conducting Christmas worship service on 25th December, 2004 with Church congregation)

    “Marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefiled.”
                                                                 (Hebrews 13:4).



    St. Luke’s Church at  Jalandhar Cantonment in Panjab State of  North India was built by British Empire in India on 16th January, 1857 exclusively built for  British Army officers and soldiers in India and the local congregation  was not allowed to worship there.  The British Infantry  graveyard  was also earmarked  near the Church, where hundreds of graves of British soldiers are found who died in military action in India during British Regime in the last two centuries.  Several tablets  of British Army officers and soldiers are being  found in the walls of  Church.  The charge of this historical Church was given to the local Indian Christian congregation at Jalandhar Cantonment in 1947 under the Anglican Diocese of Amritsar, Anglican Church of India (CIPBC),  when the British Empire quit India. 

    I am the first non Anglican evangelical (Pentecostal) preacher who was brought in by Late Right Rev Babu Masih, Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Amritsar  for the spiritual revival  of the Anglican congregation in Panjab in the year 2002 when I completed my two years of Bachelor of Divinity.  He had ordained me as Deacon in September, 2002 in St. Luke’s Church, Jalandhar Cantonment  and appointed me Spokesman of the diocese.  He ordained me as full Anglican Priest in March 2003 and subsequently appointed me as Priest-in-Charge of the whole diocese.   Bishop Babu Masih expired  on 30th November, 2003 at Jalandhar Cantonment.  The Most Rt  Rev Samuel P. Prakash,  Metropolitan, Anglican Church of India had appointed me to conduct worship services in St. Luke’s Church after the death of our Late Bishop Babu Masih and his younger son  Rev (Deacon) Sunil Kumar as my assistant.  I served in this historical military Church from November, 2003 to December, 2004 and the congregation increased many fold including military personnel working in Jalandhar Cantonment. 

    Rev Sunil Kumar s/o Late Bishop Babu Masih, who has been trained under my supervision during this period,  ordained as full Priest on 19th December, 2004 by our Metropolitan of India The Most Rt Rev Samuel P. Prakash  and appointed him as priest-in-charge of this historical  church.  We celebrated 148th anniversary of St. Luke’s Church on 16th January,  2005 at Jalandhar Cantonment and I delivered the key message titled “Christian Heritage” on this occasion.


    My paternal grandfather Lat Nanhe Mall Singh an Indian converted Christian soldier who fought in the World War I  in 1914 in the British Royal Army  was the recipient   of ‘The Princess Mary Christmas Gift 1914.”  This  is an embossed brass box presented by Her Royal Highness Princess Mary, the 17th years old daughter of the King George V and Queen Mary of Great Britain. The inscription read, “A Gift from the nation for the every Sailor afloat and every Soldier at the front.”  The lid of the box bore the head of Princess Mary, with the words, “Imperium   Britannicum” above and “Christmas 1914” below. At the sides and corners are the names of Britain’s allies --  France, Russia, Belgium, Japan, Serbia  and Montenegro who  all fought in World War I.  Later my grandfather was given poison by his Hindu cousin brothers and he died in July, 1920.  Thus my grandfather fought for the physical survival of Great Britain and was martyred for his newly found Christian faith.  I am his (grandson) is now fighting for the spiritual survival of Great Britain (and)  the whole West as international media missionary since  October, 2000  and wish  to strengthened the hands of  evangelical organizations  engaged in re-evangelizing the United Kingdom and whole the West. 

    In Him, our Lord!

    Rev Isaac Newton Johnson B.D.
    Founder President- Voice of Christians Evangelical Church
    Priest-in-Charge and Spokesman -- Anglican Diocese of Amritsar
    Anglican Church of India (CIPBC)
    2240/1, Isa Nagari, Ludhiana – 141008, India


    Rev Isaac Newton Johnson is an Indian Evangelist since 1976 working with non-Christian brothers in North India. He is international media missionary and Christian speaker. He has been invited by SungKwang Presbyterian Church, Guri, Seoul, South Korea in June-July, 2004 as Guest Speaker from India. He preached in Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Korean brothers there. Five brothers and one sister of Indian origin accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and baptized during his ministry in South Korea. He has founded “Voice of Christians Evangelical Church” at Ludhiana, India in 1999 (A House Church) working among poorest of poor people, imparting education to them and sharing the good news of Lord Jesus Christ. (Pictured: Rev Isaac Newton Johnson being honored in SungKwang Presbyterian Church, Guri, Seoul, South Korea in June 2004). He needs committed prayer partners and Church ministry supporters around the world to proclaim the Gospel in India and to the end of the earth.

    Rev Isaac preaches in English, Hindi, Panjabi and Urdu languages simultaneously without interpreter.

    He can be contacted at:

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